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About Us
<Nepenthium> is a hardcore Mythic progression raiding guild. We assign raid spots by performance alone, guild ranks and those in leadership roles get no preference. We constantly trial new members against our current core in Heroic content, allowing us to bring the best people to Mythic every week. 

We are currently 7/7 Heroic EN and 4/7 Mythic EN

Our current roster is solid on Tanks, Healers and Melee DPS. We need a few more exceptional Ranged DPS, preferably Shadow Priest's, Mage's and Warlock's to round out our Mythic roster.

Raid Schedule

  • Mon - Off
  • Tue - 7pm -11pm Server Time (CST) - Mythic
  • Wed - 7pm -11pm Server Time (CST) - Mythic
  • Thu - 7pm -11pm Server Time (CST) - Mythic
  • Fri - Off (optional alt/sale runs)
  • Sat - Off
  • Sun - Off

If you are interested in talking about joining feel free to message me in game on Explicit#1832 or Kalvaran#1169 or Magnum#6383 or put an app on our website at and we can talk further.

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