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After reaching the 19-22% target haste, I know critical strike becomes more of a priority. I'm a little confused, however, if versatility also takes priority over haste. In general should I still target crit/haste items after 20-22% or should I target crit/vers (assuming they have same ilvl/sockets)?

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As ever, the answer to this question depends on your current gear. The value of each stat varies depending on the gear you have equipped, and even changing one item can change your stat priority. If you want the real answer, I would suggest downloading SimulatonCraft, uploading your character, and running the sim to get your stat priority. For my Ret with ilvl 863 (I don't have the legendary claok, and this affects my talent choices), the stat priority is currently Versatility>Haste>Mastery=Crit, according to SimulationCraft.

I don't consider myself hardcore, but I like to push my DPS (when not lying face down in fire), and so the SimCraft tool is invaluable to me.

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