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Hello!  I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I figured the Rogue forums would be the best bet.  I'm posting on behalf of a friend, she's been struggling with her rogue this expansion, particularly Outlaw DPS and could use some assistance.  I can post her armory/link to logs.  Any help/insight would be greatly appreciated!



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Haen't analyzed everything, but here's what jumped my eye:

- Do not cast SS or PS more than once when bursting with Dreadblades. You're basically wasting 6 CP and 50/40 energy.

Should be like this during CotD: Saber Slash > Run Through > Saber Slash > Run Through (use Pistol Shot when out of energy, mostly you'll have a proc active)

- Second, gotta improve on Ghostly Strike uptime. Most of fights it gravitated around 50%. It's either +95% or use another talent (Swordmaster).

- Few fights she started out of stealth (?). Loses a free proc of Hidden Blade, which translates to 2 CP wasted (may be your cheap RtB reroll if necessary)


I'll give a better look once I got free time to do so, but those are already some points to work on.

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