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I need your help, sir. I'm unsure how you filter through some logs to find when procs happened and how long they happened...I've seen you analyze people's logs this way and I'm curious as to how you do it. You show this like...graph thing and when DoTs are up and procs and such...care to enlighten me?

Entertain me by looking at my Ra-den parse last night and doing what you do.



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or i could just tell you how to do it here, that's cool too.

once you have your fight up and damage done parse, click the players name

from this new screen go to the buffs cast tab

Posted Image

from here click on the # next to the item you want to see the duration of

Posted Image

and it'll come out like this.

Posted Image

you can see the red X at the end of that line, if you want to delete a row

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Real reason I wanted to see this was to find average time spent between Breath and Unerring Vision procs. I'm trying to calculate if the Glyph of Everlasting Affliction is worth it when you get the 535/541 version of Unerring. It's looking like it's required since I had a gap of 2:15 without a proc.

NUMBERS TIME! This is going to be SO helpful to capture live data. Thanks so much again, dude.

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I shouldn't have asked. Now I know why I hate RPPM trinkets.

For example, this week on Twins, my Breath buff lasted from 54:10 to 57:15, almost a full 3 minutes. Just proc after proc after proc....it was almost like I cheated. Guess what Unerring did? Said 'eff you' and proc'd 3 times in 7:15.

Unerring procs at 54:30, 57:40 (2 minutes and 50 seconds!!!), and 59:50 (2 minutes 10 seconds!!!). Absolutely infuriating especially when you look at my Iron Qon Perfect Aim procs...







40:06 (it overlapped!)



Best part? Someone didn't click me during P2 and my 20+ Imps despawned when I died =(

Never more than 1:10 between procs...wouldn't have needed glyph. Glyph is CLEARLY needed for when it COMPLETELY acts like a jerk like on Twins. RNG can eat my butthole.

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