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2P tier 13 bonus & arms rotation

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So I've been meaning to ask, once we have the 2P tier 13 bonus (HS rage cost reduced while Inner Rage is active), does our rotation change? Like, do we use HS more or what do we do? Or do we just not care about the set bonus and basically ignore it?

Sorry if it was mentioned in the guide, I read it twice but didn't find it.


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you can use inner rage with other abillities together

still need to look out for your rage. dont rage starve yourself. best is to train on a boss dummy for a few boss fights.


ultraxion. tank'n'spank fight. you may want to macro it with berserker rage. as there are plenty of AOE dmg--> more rage-->more HS--> more dmg

use it on cooldown. with both abilitiy at 30sec cooldown, you can even use your bigger cooldowns timely with innerrage and berserker rage(except deadly calm).

or fight like hagara or spine. where you need some controlling over your burst. align your innerrage with your other abilities to max. your dmg output in a short time window.

also try to combine colossus smash into it of course. Posted Image

make macros for combined use of inner rage and berserker rage. and seperate use of those 2.

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What Luofu said is right.

Also, I'd say that, due to the reduced rage cost, ability_rogue_ambush.jpgHeroic Strike takes priority over ability_warrior_decisivestrike.jpgSlam during warrior_talent_icon_innerrage.jpgInner Rage when you have the trade_engineering.jpg2P Bonus.

Naturally, if you have so much rage that you need to dump more of it, add Slams and Heroic Strikes together :)

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