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Low level Feral Druid Help

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Hello all,

So, I've read through the class guide on the feral druid and found the information very good but, obviously geared toward a higher level character. I'm just returning to the game after about 8 years and I wanted to start my character from scratch and go through the levels. Right now I'm level 34 and I've been playing nightly, gaining 2-3 levels/day. My goal is to be able to go on raid's eventually and I want to get the most out of my character. My question is: what skills should I be concentrating on at my current level? Any advice on rotation, talents, and general leveling would be greatly appreciated! I'm also at a complete loss when people start discussing gear. Right now I just gear up with what drops from monsters or gain from doing quests. I assume this is normal through the lower levels and then once I get to lvl 100-110 I should start concentrating on a specific gear set?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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xp is easy no matter what you do.

Read the feral guide on this site, pile the given stats for mythic and raids,  work on your  rotation while questing.

There's no point to use specifics for soloing the lvl 100-110 content.

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I haven't played feral much as I boosted my druid and play resto/balance on her but I've leveled my mage and am currently leveling my shaman, who is about your level. Low level content is pretty easy with how they've got everything tuned right now.  Questing gear should be perfectly fine as you level and as far as rotation goes, just do what feels good.  I've noticed talents don't matter as much doing that content either, just play around with it and have fun! The guides are helpful to get an idea of what to prioritize but I know they can be hard to understand when most of what they are talking about is stuff you haven't gotten yet!

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