Gold Making: Hallow's End & Unbroken Claw

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Hallow's End is up and a true Goblin can never make enough gold, right?

Hallow's End

Coin of Many FacesCoin of Many Faces can only be obtained during Hallow's End from mobs in Shadowmoon Valley. This method includes grinding, because of the item's drop rate.

  • Even though Wowhead lists the drop chance as extremely low, players are reporting a potential increase in drop chance this year.
  • The item is a toy that lets you transform into a random Garrison follower (even of the opposing faction) for 1 hour with a 24-hour cooldown, so there are hundreds of possible combinations.
    • Death doesn't break the illusion.

Mobs dropping said item:

The mobs are in packs of three and have an almost instant respawn rate.



Sell or Wait?

Plenty of Coin of Many FacesCoins of Many Faces may currently be up on the Auction House, because of the Hallow's End event. This can lead to decreased prices during Hallow's End and you have several options:

  • Either keep the coin and resell it in a few weeks when Hallow's End ends at higher prices.
  • If you're in dire need of Gold, you can sell them right away, on my realm they are for 4,000 Gold each. In 15 minutes, I got 3, so that's 48,000 GPH (Gold per hour).

Please note that realm prices vary. I can't guarantee you a fixed amount of gold you can make on your realm.


The mobs respawn almost instantly.

On my 12th mob kill I got my first coin.


The second drop happened at around the 8th minute of my farming.

2nd drop.png

The third coin took the longest to drop, oh and beware of ganking. I was heavily under assault during my third coin farm.


AH Prices - Illidan (US - Horde)

4,000 Gold per coin for me. The market value has drastically gone down, which is why it isn't a bad idea to save some for a later resell after HE.


Unbroken Claw Price Spikes

Unbroken ClawUnbroken Claw prices are currently rising. If you're able to buy them cheap on the Auction House do so right now. Remember my article about new patterns and recipes? It's because claws are used to craft Drums of the MountainDrums of the Mountain in Patch 7.1 when's the ideal time to flip them.

(Illidan (US - Horde Prices)

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