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3 words game: The story so far...

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I thought it would be nice to see in a single post where the story form the "3 words game" is heading, so I'm going to use this thread to keep track of it. I'll try and remember to update it once in a while.


It all began on a sunny spring day when everyone was having a strange revelation that no one could ever imagine, when suddenly a puppy leaped out of a bubble and started dancing furiously.

The dragon was breathing fire like a thousand drunk dwarfs. He decided that it would be a matter of time before he crahed into a bunch of drunken dragon tamers that happened to eat the puppy with their sharp and large teeth.

The onlooker then glanced towards the horrifying sight of the dragon tamers firing off their intricate color coded rainbow laser beams that blasted through the innocent bystanders. Children cried out: "Where's my blanket?"

All stopped what they were doing to look at the pretty colors and then suddenly, to everyone's horror, horrific creatures came and threatened to eat the children with their little tentacles, but while nobody was watching, one of the purple people eaters grabbed a child but the chiled tickled his captor. The child was then ripped apart into a million rainbow colored pieces.

But then meanwhile, the dragon tamers tried to attack the purple people eaters with their 9 foot blades with ten eyes staring down upon the rainbow pieces, but failed miserably to grab hold of something really disgustingly horrific and vile, putrid smelling dead man walking right towards the wormhole shaped portal. His eyes gaze stright into the portal, and screams: "What are you?" as he attemps reaches for his triple barreled shotgun only then realising the gun's empty.

Dwarves were protesting, the large mead barrel rolling down the steep hill heading straigh for my far butt, but was intercepted by my throbbing and broken foot. I was surprised, when at last the mead barrel eploded with a ear defening roar and deafened all of the dwarves. The fat dwarfs were not pleased when a group of fat women slapped the dwarves right over the edge of a cliff and they screamed when they realised what was awaiting down below. Red fluffy angry dwarves with sharp weapons and guns preparing for the inevitable blood bath.

The red dwarves flew away to drink more beer and smoke more meat in their small red huts.

A long pause of an hour, or maybe five, when finally a crossdressing troll shaman punted a gnome to a certain...

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This is awesome, thanks for compiling the whole thing. In some spots it's really cool how it all comes together. and then in other spots its kind of hard to follow.

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I think it was pretty much the point of it.

I tried to add a bit of punctuation where it made sense, but at some places i was simply unable to as it didn't make any sens :)

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