[help]How to extract more for warrior???

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Hello guys,

I came here to ask for your help, I've read the guide site about 10 times, I've read my armory a 30x but do not know how to extract more DPS from my fury warrior, I believe I do everything right rotation run correctly, use the weak auras addon to be able to monitor when one trinket proc and I can make the maximum its effects, but my dps insists not rise, looking in worldoflogs I see warriors with same ilvl I are getting much better results than mine therefore I seek the wisdom of you to help me to be a warrior even better.

below is my armory and a log of one of the last fights I had.


World fo Log: (Leishen kill) (Jinrohk Heroic - few trys)

if someone could tell me what is the "holy grail" I would be extremely grateful.

PS: sorry for my english i use google translate..

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The biggest thing is your usage of berserker rage is incorrect.

You used it 5 times in a 9 minutes fight. Since it has a 30 seconds cooldown you could've probably realistically used it 12 to 15 times. You have to use it to improve your enrage uptime, as yours is about 10-20% lower than what it could be.

Also, unless some encounter specific mechanic makes oyu save Recklessness and Skull Banner for later, make sure you use them on cooldown and always with Colossus Smash. Not only could you have gotten 1 more use of Reck+Banner on that Lei Shen kill, but you also wasted the last one as it was right in between 2 Colossus Smashes.

If you start working on those things (Berserker Rage and Cooldown usage) it should already help you.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask them :)


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