Emerald Nightmare - solotanking thoughts.

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Hi, guys!

Ever since MoP and the ridiculousness that was vengeance, one of my hobbies is trying to solo-tank current content in raids - looking at the current tier, I'm considering which fights are/aren't possible to solo-tank. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Nythendra - not soloable right now simply cause volatile rot triggering near melee gives stacks of debuff - if we outgear it it may become a possibility.

Ursoc - soloable on normal cause the debuffs don't really hurt that much, even if both stack. on heroic, at my gear level i don't think it's possible, but any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Dragons of Nightmare - not soloable simply cause the debuff will stun for 30s - come to think of it, if we brought a full group of ranged dps and healers with externals to keep the tank up through the stun, this may be possible, although janky in the extreme.

Il'gynoth - not possible cause both dominator tentacles need to be tanked. Nightmare horrors stacking eye debuff also kills me past 4 stacks (speaking from personal experience, even with Acherus drapes)

Elerethe - now THIS is the boss that I feel solo-tanking may be a real possibility. For some reason my co-tank's PC has a serious hate for the spider-roc boss, and so he's  been DC-ed for this fight multiple times during the first feathers phase - i've taken elerethe and all her little minion spiders (feeding time) together and while it hurts, it's definitely doable (also because AMS blocks application of the stacking poison dot, and if the DPS cleave hard enough it's not an issue). Her razor wing attack is completely dodge-able, and although it's supposedly a stacking debuff, i've solo-tanked her all through the debuff with no apparent issues. The reason i'm considering this is simply because the faster she dies (e.g. before 3rd platform/second gathering clouds), the easier the entire encounter is.

Cenarius - not possible due to multiple add phases, as well as the damn spear (as a DK, i HATE that spear)

Xavius - not possible due to stacking debuff and the second damage-increase debuff after cleansing. also, the corruption stacks from melee swings in P2.

Any comments or insights from the community would be welcome =)

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While one can feel like a badass solo tanking things, Emerald Nightmare really just isn't a good one. No fight is logistically solo tankable beyond normal. Ursoc really is on the only normal boss I'd say one could solo tank. The issue with Elethe is not the boss herself but the adds. You need an off tank to round up spiderlings so they can be killed in a different spot. Yes you could handle the bridge crossing section and grab both spiders and boss but that leads to a lot of ground poop to worry about standing in and bad repositioning issues. 

So ursoc normal go for it. Elethe normal maybe. After that, its not the best raid for solo tanking. Now i mean once you get a mythic cleared group or a full clear group that has the raid on farm and fights are under a minute, then you might be able to but that is more of a testament to the group than oneself.

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