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Low Dps Arms

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I am trying to switch from fury to arms and after going over a few guides and spending a hour or so on the target dummy I don't know where I'm going wrong. I hit on the heroic warrior target dummy 215k~ in fury and only 150k~.

Current ability priority I use is

CS, MS, FR, Slam

If BC and CS are up I go, BC, CS, then use a macro for FR and HS while hitting CS, MS, Slam priority.

I have avatar macro'd to BC

Below is a short Cenarius log as I haven't tried arms in raid much due to not getting it right on dummy yet.


My armory. I know I need more Mastery but haven't gotten many drops of it yet :/


Attached is a picture of a target dummy session where I did 160k and my current stats.

*Edit added a new target dummy session where I did 180k~*



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You need better trinkets. For arms, those are crap. If it doesn't have mastery or proc mastery you really shouldn't have it. Also hamstring no longer procs tactician. That was patched.

Make sure to use Cs+Ms on CD as they become available. You want to try and have shattered defenses up before MS but don't hold the ability if you can't. Pop that sucker.

Outside of deadly calm, use FR until tactician procs OR you get 3 stacks. If 3 stacks and no proc then slam until CS and or MS is up.

During deadly calm, FR+Slam CONSTANTLY until you can CS+MS

Outside of deadly calm if you aren't low on rage, you need to be spending more.

Also use battlecry on CD. You get it back every 30-40 seconds. Pop it so you can burn through more rage.
And consider taking double time. Your actvitiy level is way too low for arms. Melee attacks should not be your 3rd damage done. It should look more like 1.ms  2.execute  3.slam  4.CS  5.corrupt blood

ALWAYS be hitting something and ALWAYS be spending rage.

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First thank you for the advice!

I started using BC on cd and try and spend more rage that way, I also stopped using my hamstring macro during BC.

Also switched to double time for leap out charge back in combo for rage.

Here are my results.

Anything else I missed or should I just work on gear?

Side question what are the stat weights? The current quote I have is

Mastery 1.33


Vers .88

Haste .81

Crit .65


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I would say that trinkets would def help you, just finding a mastery stat stick and a mastery proc helps big time.  I learned from the other warrior in my group that you need to try and stuff as much as you can into that battle Cry as possible.  Dont blow a BC, just because it's up and you do not have a colossus smash buff on target, just wasting your burst dps.  I looked at you logs casts,  big thing is i try at the start to build up 3 FR before i pop BC.  that way you hit a 1.2Mil pop right off the bat.  Then i weave FR after a couple slams building it to three.  Normally if i am proc'ing right its basically FR, CS, FR, Slam, FR, then MS rinse and repeat until you lose CS procs.  Other than that i would say don't try to fit in slam unless you have a ton of rage or are in a BC Phase.  I try and get into a pattern when I can trying to hold it sometimes with using the weps CS ability to keep my buff up when i need it.  My logs if you want to look are:


I still mess up the rotation sometimes hitting FR too much lol.  But weak auras can help with that. 

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Update on my progress. Here are logs on my heroic raid this week.


I'm still a little unsure on when to use execute and fell behind there on my dps. Everything else looks correct weight wise when I compare to ask mr robot simulate. I did mess up a few times on rotation outside of execute phase as it was my frist raid in arms but I think that will get better with practice.

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