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Competeing against RNG/titanforged/Legendaries

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Ok, first thing I want to say is of course, RNG is RNG. Always has been. I get that. Second I want to say that I am posting this in the Hunter forum because I want to here about what my fellow players are facing. 3rd I am doing it here because this site seems to be much more mature and can handle a good discussion.


I have never cared about loot. Yes we all want the best gear, but good players can out perform bad players etc etc, and I have always felt like its never good to be upset about purple pixels you will replace in 2 months.

Now I feel anxiety about loot drops. Not because I feel the need for better loot. But because I like to compete. As a Hunter all we bring anymore is good pewpew.

Now I am not just competeing against a guy who has gotten good drops, but good titanforged drops, or a good legendary drop. And please dont give me crap about its a minor upgrade. 

A guy with Bloddthirsty Instincts and an 850+ stormsinger, plus the legendary belt and or boots has a huge advantage in a single target burst.

I did get my Legendary but it was the PVP ring. An 895 pc was a 4% upgrade over a mastery ring, and if there is no add to pop Bursting shot or Binding on it seems like it will be better to go with a heavy mastery one.

Then there is the two legendary people. According to Blizz, there is no bad loot protection. That if people have 2 they are = to lottery winners. Well In my 20 mythic group there are now 5 with 2, and one who got 2 in the span of 2 hours, and in 4 days all wil be able to equip both.


Also completing a mythic + for Order hall has given me a redundant relic twice now.


So here is the question. Does it feel like you are fighting an uphill battle? Does it indeed feel like you are fighting against a system so goofy that it drops a pvp legendary in a Raid instance?

Obviously it should all pan out eventually, but for trying to down Mythic content in a timely matter and get comeptitive logs, RNG is King.


Please give me your thoughts.

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Well I'm on the opposite end of the game, as I seem to be rolling in loot but I find myself out DPS'ed ~25% by a hunter who is simply far more skilled at his role, no legendary, no titanforged, not even any relic above 665.

And it's perfectly Ok with me, he's just plain better.

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I still haven't gotten any legendary drops, but I was given a lot of high item level items and especially relics, so I am able to perform on par with those who do have legendaries.

To answer your question, no, it does not feel like an uphill battle to me, but that is specifically the reason I was looking for a guild with master loot system - where a designated person distributes loot based on raid performance and personal necessities - how much of an upgrade a certain item would be. 


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