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Wild Strike or Heroic Strike

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Some times in my rotacion when Raging Blow doesnt proc. or Bloodsurge doesnt do it also, i use heroic strike to keep the rotacion going but dont know if i should use Wild strike instead of Heroic. Any clue about which 1 is better?

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You had created this topic twice so I deleted one of the duplicates.

If you take a look at my Fury guide in this forum, you should only ever use those 2 skills (HS and non-procced WS) as rage dumps.

WS hits harder, but if it's procced or if you're going to cap on rage anyway then you can use HS as it is off the GCD.

Also remember: If you're low on rage and not inside a CS, and don't have any free/cheap skills to use it is perfectly ok to spend 1 GCD doing nothing.

Hope this helps,


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