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Hey All


Just switched to frost mage spec and I am in need of some rotation  recommendation for boss fights. I saw what icy veins has and I wonder if some of this is out of date? I checked out the guy who approved the icy veins frost info Kuni. His talents are different he goes with

Spitting Ice
Ice FLoes
Artic Gale
Comet Storm

Also based on the logs he has on Warcraft logs his attacks and cast in a EN heroic clear is the following...

Frostbolt 402 casts
Ice Lance 316
Blizzard 125
Flurry 84
Frozen Orb 30
Ray of Frost 29
Ebonbolt 25


But some of those are not even recommended in the rotation from Icyveins. So was wondering what some experts are using....

Any help in advance thanks



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I find the Frost guide to be terribly out-dated...
With boss fights, the best talent combo for me has been:

Rune of Power
Splitting Ice
Ice Floes
Unstables Magic
Glacial Spike

Basically you want to use your Icy Veins while lining up 1 of your Rune of Power charges with Frozen Orb AND Ray of Frost.
(It's important that you get the entire channel through while being on Rune of Power. Delay this combo until you can otherwise)
Use the other Rune of Power charge to get glacial spikes or any 3-stacked chain reaction FoF charges out.
Then, wait for your Frozen Orb and Ray of Frost to come off CD, then rinse and repeat! Profit.

If any other frost mages have questions, hit me up in game. KlutchS#1706
Make frost great again!

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Hey guys.

I'm sorta new to WoW. I've been trying to find guides on the rotation for frost mages but the info seems outdated. I switched freom fire to frost because I prefer the playstyle. Right now I'm doing heroic dungeons and my damage is pathetic. I don't know how to use shatter properly. I have always wanted to get good at this game and mages have always been my favourite class. 

Please can someone help me to learn how to increase my damage output. Using rune of power requires you to stand still so I don't want to use that. Just because I'm not as good as you yet doesn't mean I can't learn. I'm a decent dota player who is trying to learn how to get decent at wow. So please, any frost mage guys that are willing to take 5 minutes out of their day to help me would be greatly appreciated.


Help a brother out.

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Are you guys doing Mythic+ or Raiding?

Kuni has the Legendary belt that increases Blizzard's damage, so he has opted to take Artic Gale to further increase Blizzard's damage.
He most likely has Comet Storm and Ice Nova talented for Mythic+.

Check this for tips in Mythic+


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Thank you so much Archimage. I followed the guide and practiced the rotation and I came 1st in the dungeon for damage last night.

Really appreciate the help. I'm enjoying my wow experience far more now and I think I have a future in this game :D.


Thanks again. 

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