Samuro Nerfs & Weekly Sales: Oct 25

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Reddit is full of whine and Samuro will be nerfed next week! At least Weekly Sales for next week may cheer up a little.

OP Samuro

Hotslogs is reporting a 66.9% win rate, with the next Hero Sgt. Hammer being at 55% (-11.9%). You can see Samuro on both teams in Quick Match and he gets banned in Hero League all the time. Even though he won't be playable at BlizzCon, he is simply overtuned at the moment. This is the Heroes of the Storm alphabet!


Reddit has been full of whine! Posts range from a call to action to nerf Samuro at once to efficient ways of countering. Now seriously here are some real counterpicks. Some philosophraptors even claim that not damage, but Samuro's survivability is what makes him overpowered! If that wasn't enough to make you entertained, what if it's just the bad players and Samuro isn't really OP?

And the winner is...

Blizzard LogoBlizzClaudio

We totally hear you all on this and we have been in game with you and experiencing it ourselves. Our goal is to release something for Samuro (along with some bug and stability fixes, some of which are causing his win rate to inflate as well) next week.

As an early JFYI we do not have plans to adjust balance for any other heroes in this patch, as we want our pro players to have a place to play while they're displaced from their regions visiting BlizzCon (live) and things look pretty good at the moment.


Weekly Sales: October 25 - November 1

The following items will be on sale next week

  • Lt. Morales 
  • Lt. Morales Apothecary Skin 
  • Spellbreaker Johanna Skin

New Bundles

  • Hallow's End Bundle (available until Nov 8)
  • Ultimate Hallow's End Bundle (available until Nov 8)

For more details about forthcoming bundles, click here.

New Skins

  • Deputy Valla
  • Scarecrow Xul

New Mount

  • Eyepad Mount
    • The mount will only be a part of the Hallow's End bundles, but may return to the shop at a later point.


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Comparing Samuro images to Nova fakes alone make him overpowered, images do damage without talents images are 2, images chase enemy forever, Nova fakes do 0 damage unless talented with a lv 16 talent, is only 1 each time, it not chase the enemy until die...

Aside from that also his R deal same damage of Pyroblast with the fact that is unstoppable and there is no way to counter it except killing Samuro to stop it.

If this wasn't enough when you try to kill Samuro he just become invisible and leave fight while you are attacked by his images.

Images shoulda die really fast to make him not OP, I've seen images alone clearing lanes because they last like forever and deal too much damage. I think 2 images HP at 20% of Samuro max health will be acceptable. making a total of 40% of his HP instead of a 100% can send him towards a 50% winrate

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15 hours ago, greatCraft said:

it's the damn mirror images. 

It's almost perfect that the Blademaster's Mirror Image trinket was amazing in WoW and now the skill is crazy for Samuro :p

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8 hours ago, Valhalen said:

So much salt. People will start calling him "Saltmuro" at this point.

The new Bastion right here.

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