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Switching to Ret

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I'm still a little bit confused as to the opening rotation and rotation in general. I'm not feeling any synergy with my current rotation and I'm wondering if I am doing something wrong.. I'm still lacking the gear(secondary stats priority especially)/legendary but plan on working on in the coming week(s) to get where I want to be (currently 852). 

Any help/suggestions is greatly appreciated. 

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Hello! I had a very similar problem... Actually, the exact same problem. If what I'm correct in assuming your problem is, it could be that your haste is too low. Your cooldowns won't "mesh" very well if it's below 20%, this will throw off your rotation and make you feel like you're a little sluggish. You might also be building up to the wrong amount of holy charges, some people do that. You really only ever want to build up as high as 4. With the Judgment debuff you kinda have to keep track of its progress and make a decision on the fly whether you want to get to where you can use another holy spender before it runs out or hold off until you can refresh it. (I made a WeakAura to do that for me, you might want to as well.)

But your opening rotation should be Ashes to Ashes, Crusade + Judgment, Templar's Verdict, Crusader Strike, Templar's Verdict, Blade of Justice/Blade of Wrath (depending on which talent you chose), Crusader Strike, Crusader Strike, Judgment, Templar's Verdict and continue as normal. But your problem sounds like, to me anyways, your haste is too low.

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