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Holy Mastery stat - Is it worth anything?

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So when legion was coming out, I initially thought the new mastery for holy was gonna be cool. I normally stood close to melee anyway because I'm a tank if I'm not a healer, so I feel more comfortable standing in that area. So, it seemed like I was gonna gain some more healing power just by the way I play already.

Now that I've tried it some, it doesn't seem like it really affects anything. I've only given it limited tries, and granted it's not like my mastery is sky high at the moment - But, I've tried being at max range and right next to people to heal them and it seemed like it did the same amount no matter where I was.

Is the Mastery even doing anything, range wise, or is it just giving us a flat boost of healing power across the board? And to further that, does the talent Rule Of Law even do anything then?

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I too have done some testing on this in order to figure out how useful mastery would be in my build and have found the following. 

Mastery effects all healing spells except Lay on Hands, and Aura of Mercy.

I am unsure if the mastery stat effects the talent, Judgement of Light.

Your mastery has a range equal to the range of the spells used to heal the target, whether that being 40 yards or 60 if you use the Rule of Law talent, and the amount healed by the mastery is relative to how far away you are to the target. That means if you are 40 yards away from the target, you will get 0% bonus healing from your mastery stat, and if you are stacked on top of the target, they would benefit fully. Furthermore, for every 4 yards you are closer the target; from max range, you will get 10% of your mastery's percentage bonus added to your healing, and when Rule of Law is active, it would be every 6 yards closer you would get 10% of your mastery's percentage bonus added to your healing.

I know for me at 31% mastery, my max range my Flash of Light does about 150k, and stacked they do almost 197k. Then when i use Rule of Law at 40 yards, my Flash of Light around 170k.

Another option you could do is use the talent, Beacon of the Lightbringer in order to maximize your mastery stat as it makes whoever you have placed your Beacon of Light on mimic your Mastery, making whoever you used your beacon on will always gain full benefit of your mastery stat.


I hope this helps.


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