Need help with item choices [Resto]

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Hi guys,

I recently got a few items and I'm really not sure which of them I should use.

Here my armory:

The first 2 items would be Heightened Senses and Vial of Nightmare Fog

Which of them is better for raiding? I know haste is my most important stat, but the absorbed damage by the vial also seems really great.

The second choice is between Tunnel Trudger Footguards and Rivermane Sandals

With the first I would complete the setbonus and get the 3000 mastery now and then, but I'd lose a ~12% stat upgrade since the second item is 865 and the first 840. Also I know that I need way more haste on my druid which would make the loss even worse.

I hope you can help me out there

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