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Stormstrike vs Lava Lash

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If I'm capped on maelstrom during Doom Winds and/or Feral Spirit, and I have Stormbringer proc'd, should I be spamming Lava Lash to dump maelstrom or spamming Stormstrike? It happens often where I can just spam SS over and over with Stormbringer repeatedly proc'ing while maelstrom stays capped. I'm always wondering if I should instead be spamming Lava Lash.

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Of course not. Even when u spam SS u lose 40Maelstrom, if SB procs then u lose 20Maelstrom every SS, but sometimes u can still see that you're capping on Maelstrom because windfury is procing too. SS is always better than LL

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      I'm curious how this affects my rotation, do I try to make more use of Lava Lash with Flametongue and Frostbrand up to maximize the increase in sustained DPS? I've begun to take Hailstorm as a result of this change, as I want to use Frostbrand even more than I did before. Furthermore, does this affect my Artifact Route in any way, since assuming I'm using Lava Lash more frequently, doesn't that make Doom Vortex more viable?
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