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Resto Shaman Advice and Tips?

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I know I'm not nearly fully geared yet but I Was just wondering if you could review my page and give any advice and or revisions to my stats/gemming/enchants on my resto shaman to help me maximize my hps and overall healing ability as well as tell me if I'm on track on how everything is suppose to look.


I'd also like to send in a video of a simple LFG group to show you the method I use to heal but I'm not sure how to attach it to the post. Thanks for reading and possibly replying and letting me know how to insert the video.

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Assuming you're wanting to raid 10-man Normal modes, I'd advise against gearing for Haste right now. Haste can be a rewarding stat to stack, but at low ilvls you won't have the regen to sustain your healing. Go for Crit/Mastery instead (typically Mastery to 50% then the rest into Crit). You'll hear about "breakpoints" for Haste - don't bother with these (except maybe the low Riptide one) for 10's. Otherwise you seem to be doing fine.

Videos: I think the way to do it is to upload somewhere (eg Youtube) and look for the "embed" option. This will let you copypasta some code. I think that you want to then use the "code" button (looks like <>) in the editor to enter that code. It should then embed the video in your post.

At least I think that's how you'd want to do it Posted Image

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