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Holy Priest

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Hey, my guild request that i gear up my priest, so i got a few questions reguarding it =)

1. Stat prio? Should i stack spirit or go for some Int? Worth going for haste breakpoints or stack mastery?

2. Which tier 6 talent?

3. Mindbender or From darkness, comes light?

4. Power infusion or Divine insight?

5. Worth using Holy Word: Sanctuary in 10-man? if not, should i still use Chakra: Sanctuary for heavy AoE fights?

Thats it =) tyvm in advance.

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1. The general stat priority is: Spirit until you're comfortable with your regen>int>haste to desired breakpoint>mastery>crit

2. You should be changing T6 talents on a fight-by-fight basis, depending on which works best. Experiment and see!

3. FDCL in its current incarnation is pretty bad for holy priests. Sure, free serendipity stacks, but you lose a ton of regen. If you use Solace on cooldown it's actually more regen than mindbender. See if you can fit that into your priority when healing. If it's too awkward, go mindbender.

4. Before the T15 2-set, swap between PI and DI depending on if you really need a 2 minute cooldown for parts of a fight or not. After the 2 set always go DI.

5. The only fight i've used the spell Sanctuary in this tier is on Meg. Even then it did almost nothing. So really, just avoid using it until it gets buffed/reworked. As for chakra, generally you want to stay in Sanctuary for the boost to AoE heals. As I said before, experiment with Serenity as well. Dance between them as you see fit to maximise your effectiveness.

Hope that helped some. Posted Image

EDIT: Another note, once you have at least 12k-ish spirit, always use int flasks and food.

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I want to add my own opinions here. (even though they don't differ much)

1. I think around 12k spirit is minimum and even after that it is very valuable. Some do with less and some with more. The more spirit you have, the more valuable your intellect is. After that it is mastery>haste>crit. I suggest not getting any "breakpoints", just get some haste for the throughput it provides. (why is renew so weak..:/)

2. As said above, it depends on the fight, but over 90% of cases it's cascade.

3. Mindbender is almost always the way to go for holy priests. If you can squeeze solace use it.

4. PI if you REALLY need heal cooldown for some part of the match. Otherwise DI, just for the sake it's AWESOME!

5. Never ever ever ever ever ever use holy word: sanctuary. It scales well with gear but it is just BAD. And it costs you tons of mana. Don't use it.

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I am with the 2 above I run 13k spirit for heroic content I always use DI for the free mending's it is just too strong with 2 set to say no to and it has save raid on more than one occasion mind bender is also a yes and I've been tinkering with crit and mastery and from logs mastery seems to be the stronger of them.

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The amount of spirit you will want will vary with your gear and skill, ive seen people with as low as 9k and as high as 15k. I try to stay around 12k though.

IMO solace is weak for holy, mind bender is they way to go.

In 10m never use HW:S its a complete waste of mana.

As for chakra it depends on your role, if you will be tank healing more Serenity is better, also good if you are just casting renew on the raid, now for fights were you will be dealing with intense raid dmg i.e megaera then stay in sanctuary. Cascade works great if you are in serenity too b/c it with refresh renews.

Also don't forget than you can chakra swap as desired aside from the 30s cd on them.

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