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DK Unholy dps issue

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Hello guys,

I restart to play wow with legion, playing an unholy DK and I have a dps issue and I don't know how I can fix it.

I have 858ilvl and I think my stuff is not bad but I can't pull more than 220k dps in certain fights and can't even reach more than 200k in other. I think I should at least deal 250k+ damages... Can someone help me please ?







Virulent plague > Dark transformation (when cd up) > festering strike (x2 on pull and when I have festering wound < 3) > soul reaper (when cd up) > apocalypse > scourge strike (when I have festering wound >= 3) > death coil when every spells are in cd.

Thanks in advance guys for your help.

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I don't know why but your logs are glitchy and i can't really figure out a lot of information from them, if you could bring me another set of logs with Advanced combat logging checked it would help a lot. I can't tell what talents you were using, judging by your damage caused by your dot I am assuming you are ebon fever which isn't the ideal talent here, and i would suggest you start using Bursting Sores on that fight. I also suggest you look at the unholy dps guide for EN posted in the pinned forum posts, and in the comments i have a full EN guide for all heroic and increasingly more mythic fights, suggesting talents and ways to optimize dps. I noticed you missed 1 cast of soul reaper, Judging by the damage your army did I almost want to ask if you are using Army of the Dead your 10minute CD. As well as i can tell you aren't always using 8 wound apocs, You have to be using 7 or 8 wounds before using apoc even if you have to delay it (which you generally shouldn't have to if you set it up the wounds before hand). Potion useage wasn't 100% optimal when you use potions you wanna be spamming as many festering strikes and scourge strikes as you can and even if u forces you to get runic capped it's ideal to be doing this because they are your hardest hitting abilities.

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