[Fire] Need your help to improve my damage

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Hey guys,

I think my damage is not as high as it should be for 855. I know I should use rune of power to do more dps but I think my dps shouldn't be that bad - even when I don't have rune of power.

My Armory:

My Ursoc Combatlog:

My rotation at pull: Combustion, Fireblast, Fireblast, Instant Pyro, Flame On, Fireblast, Fireblast, Instant Pyro, Phoenix Flames, Phoenix Flames, Phoenix Flames, Fireball, Fireball, Instant Pyro etc.

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First and foremost, your talents.

You should have Pyromaniac as your tier 1 talent, and ROP for your tier 3 talent.  Living bomb is useless on single target fights, so go with unstable magic, it's passive and doesnt require you to take away from your rotation to cast Living Bomb.

You would be mistaken to believe that you should do more damage without the use of ROP (Rune of Power).  ROP grants you 50% more damage and should be used on CD.  The only time you don't use it is when you're waiting on Combustion to get off CD. 

You should never be casting combustion and Fireblast on a pull.  You should pre-pot and precast a Pyro at 4.5 seconds followed immediately by a fireball.  Most of the time this will grant you a hot streak.  When you have that instant pyro ready to throw, THEN you use a ROP and as soon as the cast ends you hit combustion and send the pyro and fireblast/pyro as much as you can using Flame On and then PF.  Looking at the logs you are indeed starting out with fireblast, which you shouldn't be doing.  It's wasting those charges that should be saved for Combustion.

Your gear needs some work.  You need to drop all of those pieces you have with Vers/Mastery and get something with crit on them.  Your trinkets are worthless for Fire, tbh. Get a Wiggling Sinew, even if it's LFR, and the world quest from Su'esh the Devilsaur Shock Baton:



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