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Outlaw Rogue DPS

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My gear has improved a bit but im still bottom of my raid group in dps, pushing 250k at most consistent. Ive improved my RtB control recently but i think it might be due to my current stat weights and was looking for some advice. 


Log from a raid before gear upgrades, but maybe could give an insight into rotation:





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Forgot to mention that I've been using basic food and flasks recently only because of price. When I use bis consumables my dps only improves slightly. 

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Aye looking forward to it. I've learnt a lot recently with these forums. Think my problem has been my stat weighting with lower crit, adrenaline rush being used in BL, not using vanish and ambush on cd, and better RtB usage. Still insight will be appreciated. Thanks for replying! 

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19 hours ago, Raiza said:

Can't  comment on your logs at the moment, but you might have a better time after this patch.

Where did you see this ? can you link the page ? i really can't find anything besides the Assa Pvp changes.

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37 minutes ago, Aphastion said:

new patch notes. anyone have any advice for me on this post? lol

It's been a day since your OP. I do have other things to do once in a while, my apologies. lol.

On 25/10/2016 at 0:53 PM, Aphastion said:
  • You're under 80% uptime on RtB - in many cases under 70% - and when you do have the buff up you aren't rolling correctly
  • GS uptime could improve but isn't too terrible
  • Don't seem to be resetting the cd on MfD

My recommendation is mostly to get more used to using Roll the Bones. You should always have at least one buff up, and if you don't get lucky with a good roll you should know when to reroll. There is a thread posted here at the top of the forums which will help if you read it.

I also suggest using some Weakauras if you don't have any. It will help you track things more easily.

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