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Need Help with Refreshing dots and using AFFDOTS

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I've only been playing my lock since the start of MOP for raid comp and actually other than my main(Unholy DK) is the only other toon ive made that I actually had fun playing. I have about 70 days of playing him and typically i would say i am slightly above average playing a lock,good but not great. Here is where i think my issue is....REFRESHING DOTS and maybe knowing how many ticks should i MG for. Seems like after my opener --Prepot ,DS+Blood Fury,SS:SB,Haunt ,MG x3 all my procs are up and all is great...once they fall off is where i get in trouble....so my question is with using affdots and paying attention to audio/visual ques of procs going off, when is it best to refresh my dots? Also how many ticks should i let MG run before recasting??I seriously think if i could get a handle on the dots...when to refresh and not clipping with MG..i could be better.

Heres a log of downing Lei Shen...and i know my haunt uptime sucks which would be better if i really knew when my dots are hitting harder.


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Hey Slique,

So If I'm hearing you right, you're having trouble understanding Affdots? Affdots is supposed to be the big answer for figuring out when to refresh your dots. It also lets you know when you have very strong dots rolling relative to your current spell power/dot strength.

So, without more info, the basics for using affdots are:

1. Paying attention to the DoTs' highlighted color.

2. Paying attention to the DoT Strength number that is on each dot's bar.

#1 is the most basic guidline and can pretty much be followed blindly with good results. Green = Go, refresh now. Blue = either refresh now, or wait for more procs until you reach the pandemic threshold (don't wait too long, you dont want to miss out on a proc passing you by.) Yellow = refreshing is okay, but the only gain is the full pandemic value and no strength increase. Good to do to ensure that when you get a proc you can go straight to full duration. Red = don't refresh.

#2 is the real meat of the addon in my eyes. This value gives you a very detailed view of exactly how stong the dot's you have applied are in relation to your current Spell strength. So for example, if the number on a DoT says 125, you could get a 25% damage bonus by reapplying that dot right now. If it says 80, you will end up taking a 20% damage reduction. This number is also good to use for Haunt. If the number is well below 100, then that means you have some really good, strong dots rolling and applying Haunt is a very good idea.

As for MG duration, it is purely dependent on what you need to do at the time. The only time that you should really be focused on channeling for its full duration is any time you have Haunt up on your target. Really focus on channeling MG for Haunt's entire duration. Any other time, just channel it until you need to do something else, such as refreshing a dot/reacting to a proc.

Lei Shen is kind of a tricky fight to pull good numbers out of for analysis, but it looks like you weren't using Haunts after your procs, but during the procs instead. Not to mention you died to static shock Posted Image . You should be able to solo that by using Unending Resolve + Sac Pact. You also used your 2nd potion right before an intermission, so idk what happened there. Over 3 minutes between your first and 2nd DS. Using rain of fire twice. Never use RoF as affliction. SB:SoC + SoC spam all day for AoE.

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Also just an aside: at 14.58 percent hit, you may be getting a couple of really crappy misses that hurt you.

Other than that, I believe Cruzan covered the bulk of things. You may want to go into config and change the colors AffDots uses and find ways to track how long procs have on them (either WeakAuras or the buff bar thingy on ElvUI work well for that -- there may be others) to help you determine how long you have to wait for another proc when the dot is showing as blue on AffDots.

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Sounds feasible to me..now to just apply those to play in the game....thanks Cruzan and Brown for the quick response!!

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