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wow This Week in WoW: Karazhan Attunement, World Bosses, Legion Dungeon Event

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With Patch 7.1 releasing today, there's so much to do after maintenance!

Karazhan Attunement

Karazhan attunement starts with Khadgar in Dalaran. You'll have to farm a few dungeons on Mythic difficulty to get attuned.

Addon Update

  • Don't forget to update your addons for the newest patch.

World Boss

Drugon the Frostblood is up this week.

World Boss Loot Tables

Mythic+ Affixes (US)

  • Sanguine, Volcanic, Fortified

Mythic+ Affixes (EU)

  • TBA

Legion Dungeon Event

  • Sign of the WarriorSign of the Warrior is active this week: The final boss of each Legion dungeon will drop an extra item.
  • The quest can now be picked up from within the Adventure Journal. To get Cache of Nightmarish TreasuresCache of Nightmarish Treasures, you have to finish 4 dungeons in Mythic difficulty, which shouldn't be an issue given the Karazhan attunement.


  • Hallow's End continues until October 28.
  • For a complete overview, don't forget to check our Survival Guide.
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2 hours ago, Stan said:

Hallow's End continues until October 25.

uh whut?? so it ands after the update ? 

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4 hours ago, Orthios said:

The +10 mod is Fortified for this week.  Also, more bugs than you can shake a stick at! Has most of them.  My favorite so far is sheathing/unsheathing you weapon crashes the game.

But I spend 99% of my time in dungeons jumping and spamming sheathe. RIP me.

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