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7.1 New Frost DK Rotation?

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Hi all,

I thought I would start a thread to discuss the frost buffs and new potential rotations.  To recap today's changes:


I'll be doing heroic EN tonight and will monitor my logs, but so far during target dummy tests OBRA is punching much higher than FS for single target  (I'm running icy talons and icecap).  Surprisingly obliteration is pushing out glacial advance due to the fact that you do not need to spend all your runes for frozen pulse.

Note i'm not hitting any thresholds at ilvl 858; my stats are crit 23, haste 16, mastery 42

I think I might even keep obliteration/icecap for multitarget with frost scythe.  I'll keep testing!  If anyone else has looked into new rotations I would be interested in hearing more.


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Frostscythe has been spanked and forced to sit in the corner. Frostscythe is dead, don't touch it. 

The OBRA style is now superior by far on single target and even low cleave. Frostscythe is better for 4+ targets and thats really bout it. Frozen pulse and Icy talons are still the go to first talents beyond that we take runic atten instead of frostscythe and obliteration is parsing out to be better than glacial advance in a lot of scenarios.

As far as rotation

Assault whatever button you have obliterate bound to

howling blast on rime procs

Frost strike whenever possible to keep IT stacks up

obliteration and sindragosas fury on CD


The new build set ups are

2213323 for general usage up to 3 targets.
2213321 for pure single target.
2213313 for 4+ target aoe.

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42 minutes ago, Julosch said:



What about 1 and 1 in the first two tiers? Seen some good simulations!

It comes down a bit to what talents you are using. However, its matter of realistic rotation. We don't have enough mastery yet to go full masterfrost and spam howling blast. Even with the buffs you still more or less only want it on rime procs (legendary can muk with this a bit). Frozen pulse is still much much stronger and its easier to keep up huge uptime on it. So, frozen pulse is still better for single target and low end cleave (for mythic + I might say 1,1 at super high mastery levels). That rolls into tier 1 talents, if using frozen pulse, talons is more or less mandatory. 

So tldr, frozen pulse is still too strong right now to sacrifice and it requires the synergy with talons. Now for heavy burst cleave in mythic+ 1,1, may play out well, but even then FP is such a strong talent. Now, eventually when we descend into the inevitable masterfrost variant, im sure we will see 1,1 and frostscythe be the main abilities, but with obliterate buffs that's a ways away 

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