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I've been trying to sim as often as i can using SimCraft but don't know what i'm doing wrong because its saying i should be doing 200k or 220 with Exanguinate as assasination. Yet if i change spec to subtlety it says 285k so don't really know what's going on there but i don't know if the scaling is accurate if its showing me that DPS.

Any help with rotations and general tips would be great thanks.

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All in all, it doesn't look that bad. You might have issues on certain encounters with the AP build though. I'm currently using that build on only 3 bosses in EN, Nythrenda, Ursoc and Elerethe. For the others I'm running Exsang with crit/vers due to target switches, cleave, burst windows etc.

You might lack some mastery to make AP viable, from what I've read it's at around 110% when it plays out well. And since Exsang doesn't benefit from mastery at all, your sims might be wrong. I tend to have issues with simcraft when I'm switching from AP to Exsang sims.

Also, your energy household might need some improvement. pool to about 80-90+ energy before you trigger EP, especially when your Kingsbane is ready.

I hope I could help you out a little


On 30.10.2016 at 1:22 AM, Avenlaine said:

So is out law bad and not good to play or to help a raid time assass is the best to go as 

If I understand you correctly, it doesn't matter what you play actually. Everything has its up- and downsides, go with what you have most fun with.

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So if your running Exsanguinate i believe the value of mast just drops & you want to run crit/vers i read somewhere that crit should be at around 45% then go vers/mast for the build. I really like fan of knives on that fight. Either side your on if you get the side with the shades 1 good fan of knives and you can rupture each shade then fan & envenom till they die. If your on side with adds fan of knives and rupture each add then when they are crossing try to keep rupture on each one.

my gear is kinda wierd right now want to try out the kara trinket with the single target build/gear

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