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Assasination addons.

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Hey guy's, i thinks it's awesome that there is so much knowledge and help from you guys!

I was woundering if there was any useful addons that i could use? Like a timer when to refresh rupture etc, to keep the rotation even easier to perfect! What kind of addons do all you assasins use? 

Best wishes!

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I'm at work right now so I don't have my full list of addons so I'll edit them in to this post later but in terms of tracking buffs/debuffs I personally use TellMeWhen as it is easy to setup and experiment with, it works just fine for me. The more powerful tool to use is Weakauras but it takes time to learn how it works and I prefer to have control over my own tracking's rather than use someone else's premade weakauras setup. Anyway use whichever you prefer and they make keeping a 100% uptime on garrote and rupture much easier.


Off the top of my head, DBM/Bigwigs are good boss mods, skada/recount are good dps trackers, GTFO is a good awareness addon. UI addons are all subjective and I can't really recommend any because what works for me may not work for you.

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