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Optimal Profession Combination (2h Frost)

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I'm fairly new to the game, only having a level 90 for a few weeks. I've been doing somewhat extensive research to get some long-term plans but I'm getting a little hung up on professions.

Everywhere I've read suggests that engineering is the best +dps profession.

I feel like I'm missing something, but to me it seems like a no-brainer that blacksmithing+jewelcrafting are easily the best combination for me.

Bear with me for a sec-

Blacksmithing gives 2 extra sockets (presumably to use 2x Bold Primordial Ruby) for +320 strength gain.

Jewelcrafting allows me to use 2x Bold Serpent's Eye in my 2 red sockets. +320 strength gain.

Would I not also then be able to put the Bold Serpent's Eye into the 2 BS sockets, granting me a further 320 strength for a total of +960 Strength?

It seems way to simple, which is why I'm wondering if I've missed something.

Your help is most appreciated!

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You're only getting 640 more strength out of it. (320 for JC gems + 320 for BS sockets)

If you put 2x Bold Serpent Eye's into your blacksmith sockets you are gaining 320 more strength than if you put regular 2x Bold Primordial into those sockets. If you didn't have jewel crafting, you would still gain 320 strength by having the 2 prismatic sockets.

it doesn't matter where you put your JC gems, or what you put in your BS sockets. you will still gain the same net increase in strength.

Personally I would recommend JC and enchanting right now. Enchanting will also get you 320 str through ring enchants, and you'll make a lot of gold whenever you have old gear to disenchant. JC will make tons of gold once epic gems come out, so that's a good one to have for now.

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A good economical alternative is Tailoring + Enchanting. Don't get hung up on the fact that it's a cloth profession, the point is the perks. Swordguard Embroidery is almost as good for a Strength-based DPS as Engineering's Synapse Springs (with the only weakness being you can't always stack SE with Pillar of Frost), there's no need for a gathering alt, and you get more cloth from Pandaria mobs for potential profits. Then you can cheaply enchant both your rings with +160 Strength each.

Any time you need mats, you can just use the cloth you get as drops, make level 85 greens and disenchant them.

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