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[Stormrage][A] <Lunarians> 7/7H TEN Looking for Members for Mythic Team

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Lunarians has been a Guild formed back in MoP by a group of friends. We have continued Raiding on and off through-out the expansions and are looking to get out Roster back up to 20 so we can start doing Mythic Raids this expansion.  We originally had a full Roster of Raiders, but some of them decided to not even login when Legion launched and some left shortly after Launch.  We have been recruiting Active Members since then and are still looking to fill out some Slots so we can enter Mythic Raids.

As for our Raiding schedule, it is Wed/Thur 8pm-Midnight EST.  These are the only two nights we require Raiders to be online, preferably 15 min prior to Raid to gather. On Fri/Sat we try to run Mythic+ as a Guild and form as many groups of those that are online at the time. On Sun, we mix it up and do PvP for fun and just mostly mess around - nothing serious. On Mon, we do Norm TEN for Alts or Titanforge or any other reason.  None of this is mandatory, but it's what the Core of the Guild is doing and all members are welcome to join in.

We are 7/7H and Looking for Members to fill out the Roster for our entrance to Mythics.  We are looking to enter Mythics starting this upcoming week, even if we have to Pug a couple people.

Trials are two weeks long and no restriction on gear. We expect you to attend every Raid and be on-time and ready with Flask/Pots/Food. AMR must be installed, as this is how we do our Looting.  We also will require BiS to be installed for setting up a List for Mythic Gear.

We are looking for just a few more DPS. We would Prefer Warlock/Shadow Priest/Death Knight/Paladin, but we are open to others, except for Leather classes.

If you are interested in joining, please respond to this post or add me on Btag.

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We are only needing a few more people to round out our Mythic team.

2 Cloth DPS (Warlock/S. Priest)
1 Plate DPS (DK/Pally)

If interested, please contact me in-game. Btag: Smash#1630

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