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Aspect of the Beast

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You know i see almost 0 info on this... Early on it was simply dismissed as a lower DPS talent then Stampede or Killer Cobra, however how much has been tested in game and not simply simulators??


The new stampede is garbage honestly as things can move out of it making it a complete waste, killer cobra has limited uptime as it is only useful when BW is rolling. Now under BW killer cobra is obviously the better skill, however overall in a longer fight with RNG against you (which happened more often then not) you have reduced BW time. Whereas Aspect of the Beast is 100% all the time in terms of fuctionality with increased damaged during BW.


I tried out out post patch and saw no damage loss over killer cobra and increase damage over stampede. Sims are great to an extent, but sometimes i do think they send false flags as it is never possible to ever play as good as the simulator.

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