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Need Help Reforge/Gemming

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Alright, So I have some gear but a few guildies have told me that I need to focus as much haste as possible, so i gemmed all haste to get a "extra tick" from immolate. But now I have low mastery.... I am either buying the shado pan ring to replace my 496 or the belt to replace my 502.

I have looked a couple of places and all of the sites I use to "optimize" have me gemming pure int gems...

So any help, links, or straight up telling me what to reforge would be great. :)

WoW name is Jackumz on Darkspear. <3

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Not sure if I did it right but I am gaining +5% haste and +1.79% mastery.

I was told my Mastery was really low... Im not sure If i did this right like I said XD

But my shopping list is 3x lightning wild jades

3x quick suns

4x reckless

1x panderns step

is that what you got? :P

Dont wanna spend more money on gems/reforges when its not right -.-

thanks :)

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What I saw was regemming to take the socket bonuses in the gloves/belt/boots while still favoring Haste, then reforging mainly into Crit rather than Mastery.

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My first question would be, why do you want a high haste rating? If you're doing it blindly because your guildies say so then you might want to probe a little further. Most likely they are telling you to stack haste because of RPPM trinkets/meta gem, which you have none of.

The more reasonable reforge strategy for you would be to keep haste and mastery fairly even in rating, but if you enjoy a fast casting playstyle, then by all means go for full haste.

I'd recommend 8067 Haste at the most for your gear right now. Whether you want to gem intellect or mastery is up to you. The difference is fairly minor. If you want to get Mr Robot to stop gemming intellect for you, you'll need to edit the weights to make them over half of intellect's weight. So AMR's default Intellect weight is 4.1. Make mastery and haste anywhere above 2.06 and AMR will start gemming mastery/haste for you over intellect.

Gemming Mastery/Haste example:

Posted Image

Gemming Intellect example:

Posted Image

I guess technically its faster to just lower Intellect's weight to something like 3.45 though, its just habit for me to bring everything else up Posted Image

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