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BM 3rd gold trait (Titan's Thunder) question

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Question on DB/DF as it pertains to the Titan's Thunder 3rd golden trait: (I just unlocked it)

The tooltip states: Discharge a massive jolt of electricity from Titanstrike into all your pets and Dire Beasts, causing them to deal up to (Ranged attack power * 1.15 * 0.5 * 1) Nature damage to their target every 1 sec. for 8 sec.

Dire Frenzy
Also causes your next Dire Frenzy to deal (200% of Attack power) additional Nature damage on each of the 5 Dire Frenzy attacks

Does this mean Dire Frenzy gains more benefit from Titan's Thunder? Or is it equal in that DB has extra pets/extra electric jolts vs DF added nature dmg per frenzy stacks?

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While it's at least feasible to think Titan's Thunder used in conjunction with one use of Dire Frenzy could perform better than when used with one use of Dire Beast, that thought would have to be simulated, and when done so you'd find that...

1) Titan's Thunder can be used after successive procs of Wild Call which offers the potential for additional damage, especially when lined up with other cooldowns.

and more importantly...

2) Even if your Titan's Thunder damage went up, the damage lost by Beast: Stomp and your Dire Beast: Attack would greatly outweigh the damage gained by using Dire Frenzy in any situation, particularly AoE fights or any period of cleave where your Beast: Stomp can hit multiple targets. 

In short, your overall damage in any situation by taking Dire Frenzy over Stomp will go down, even on pure single target encounters and the gap would only increase as more targets were introduced. 

For more information/clarification, as well as simulation results, check out Azortharion's guide. His information is spot-on, save for subtleties regarding stat weight changes after obtaining certain legendaries - there is simply too much situational information. For that, I'd recommend using simulation craft with the corresponding addon, which you can also find in his guide. 

- Izzles, Bleeding Hollow

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