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elemental DPS too low

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Hi :)

I have some problems with my elemental shaman in DPS.

I read the guide here and on other sites but I really dont know why my dps is so low.


My DPS is without any CDs at 130k. With ascendence its about 270k for these 15 secs.

Atleast at the training puppets. My items level is 852 ATM.

I think I need much more haste but I couldnt find items with crit and haste.


I raid with my guild EN normal with the flask which gives 1300 int and normal buff food.


The only things I can show you is the profile of my character and one log of a raid.

character profile: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/antonidas/Fenii/simple

raid log: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/g4DT7cqypz8GmCnZ

maybe you should look at the dps of the first boss.

the spells and everything is in german. I hope that isnt a problem.


In general should I take items with better intellect and not the stats I need 

or with lower intellect and the stats I need ?

All guides are saying intellect is the most improtant stat.


Can someone help me with that ? :/

Sorry for my poor knowledge of english. It isnt my native language.

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Hey, here's a few things that may help:

1. Summon your Fire Elemental and right-click Fire Nova to disable auto casting. It's very poor DPS in raids and will help out your fire elemental DPS by disabling it. You only have to disable it once, and it will be auto disabled from then on. Also, you should pre-cast Fire Elemental when the pull timer gets to 3. If you are using potions, you can also using a Potion of Prolonged Power at the same time so your elemental gets the full effect of the potion, and then use your second potion later in the fight sync'd up with some cooldowns. Since the first potion was used before combat, it doesn't count towards your one potion per combat limit. Since Lava Burst lowers the cooldown of fire elemental by 2 per cast, you want to use it as soon as possible so you can get a second fire elemental out 4 minutes or so in to the fight.

2. On Ursoc, which is essentially a standstill fight, you only have 80% flame shock uptime according to warcraftlogs. This is at 90% on Nythendra, which is also mostly standstill. This needs to be at 100% without question. You don't have to wait for flame shock to fall off before re-applying it, as long as your current flame shock has 10 or less seconds left on it, you will not lose any of the duration by casting another flame shock. Make sure every flame shock after the first one is cast with 20 Maelstrom so you spend as few global cooldowns on it during the fight.

3.  The Ursoc fight was 4 minute and 28 second long and you only used Stormkeeper 3 times at :07, 2:12, and 3:58. You should be pre-casting the first one 3 seconds before the pull right after your fire elemental and use it every minute on the minute. This would have given you 5 casts in this fight instead of 3. On Nythendra you only used it 4 times, when you should have been able to get in 7, one precast and one every minute.

4. Do not delay Elemental mastery so it always lines up with Ascendance. On Ursoc you should have cast Elemental Mastery at 0:00, 2:00 and 4:00 and on Nythendra you should have cast it at 0:00, 2:00, 4:00, and 6:00. On Ursoc you only used Ascendance once at 3:00, you should have used it on the pull as well. On Nythendra you should have used Ascendance at 0:00, 3:00, and 6:00. If you would prefer, Lightning Rod is doing slightly better than Ascendance now anyways, so you could consider switching talents to Lightning Rod to prevent this issue.

Don't worry about your gear for now. You can only fix your gear when better gear drops, but you can fix play mistakes at any time. If you don't use an addons, finding a set of "weakauras" that help you manage cooldowns will up your DPS significantly compared to switching mastery for haste on your gear. If you find you have trouble managing all of your cooldowns, switch your talents up to help. Like I said earlier, right now Lightning Rod can be switched our for Ascendance and Earthen Rage is actually competing with Totem Mastery as well, so you can switch to that talent as well so you don't have to worry about keeping totems up.

Please understand all of this is said in good faith and is not meant as an attack on your playing ability. If you have any questions about my suggestions or other questions in general please let me know.


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You poor thing..... being elemental and all.

Assuming you follow the guides to the letter and rotation properly then it is only left your gear and the class/spec. Your question is a hard one and not easy to answer about gear. At this point I suggest just learn to use Sims properly for every peice until you get the hang of being able to eyeball gear to tell if it is an upgrade or not. On a general note ilvl upgrades with int and crit (I believe is your best stat) is most likely an upgrade regardless of the second stat depending on how high of an item lvl increase it is. Unless it's an enormous int upgrade you generally don't want to trade out your best two stats though for something lesser. 

As for your class/spec I will pray for your much needed buffs come soon or hope you didn't waste too much artifact power if you decide to switch.



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Well, let me answer this one for you:

On 10/27/2016 at 7:43 PM, overdev said:

In general should I take items with better intellect and not the stats I need 

or with lower intellect and the stats I need ?

All guides are saying intellect is the most improtant stat.

Yes, Intelect is our most important stat. but......

When assigning values to gear, secondary stats only cost half the item-budget than Intelect. That means that an item could have either 1 INT of 2 of a secondary stat, for the same iLevel.
When you look at stat weights, ALL our secondary stats are worth more than .5 of a point of INT.

This means that you should *always* go for the secondary stats over INT if you have the choice!

As for which secondary stats to go for:


But honestly; beyond Crit they are all so close together that it doesn't matter much. So focus on Crit first, all the rest later with a slight preference for Haste. But even Versatility is 44% better, ilevel for ilevel, than Intelect (Crit is a whopping 85% better, ilevel for ilevel).

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