When is WoW going to go mobile?

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For a year now I've been feeding my very old warcrack addiction with a clone that plays on my mobile phone. They have cracked the idea and show that it's possible. Incidentally the game is also riddled with errors and crashes galore, it should still be in beta... Frequent crashes, 0 customer support, pay in game to but best items, no story, but among those bad things they've created a wow you can play while sitting on the John.... July 1st they finally admitted they're facing constant hacker attacks. Which leads me to believe blizzard is trying to shut it down.

This announcement says three weeks and what she says is bs because my entire time played has been riddled with days I could not get on. Also this is the first time I've seen the developer acknowledge a problem... During April there was a full two week period I couldn't log on.

Anyhoo, pluses- 1. Can play anywhere you get 3G/4G/WiFi service. I've tested this extensively, I drive a semi truck. Played it once at the top of the Rocky Mountains @10000 ft elev in a rest area....

2 it has potential.

I'm waiting for the big dog to buy it out, come on blizzard...

I can't find any good leads that blizzard has its foot in this market... Been looking for 4 months and only once seen an article about a reporter bringing the topic to a developer at some q&a panel. This is all I can find really, nothing, and from last year as well...

Is this "project Titan" gonna be mobile? I can't find squat on it either.

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