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Survival vs Beast Master

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I was just wondering for pve which one is preferable. I am interested in getting back into my hunter and can't decide which spec to go. Thanks for the help :)

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Assuming you are thinking LFR ToT and ToT normal modes.

And going by the SV OR BM, meaning you want one or the other and not both, switching spec for specific bosses.

SV, there are more fight where SV shines and BM dwindles than vice versa.

Technically BM pulls ahead in dps on single target fights, but realistically SV isn't far behind and SV pulls ahead on any fight with lots of target switching and or AoE.

There are people who would (and could) argue BM is just as capable for all fights that SV is, and I wouldn't disagree. But SV seems the most capable and valid for the overall ToT raiding experience.

That said, if you are willing to take advantage of the dual spec, SV AND BM, switching for specific bosses and you're onto a winner.

At lower gear levels they both have the same reforging priorities, and at higher gear levels favouring crit over haste or vice versa does make a difference to each spec but that is something to deal with at the time and really needs you to have 3 realPPM items (2 trinkets and the meta gem) for the difference to be vast.

Hope this helps and any more questions, just post =)

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