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Alliance-Laughing Skull
TROKZs RAIDERS is an Alliance guild on Laughing Skull that is in the process of continuing to build its core. As such, we are currently recruiting ALL exceptional players, regardless of class.
Raid Progression: 7/7 H EN
Raid Dates: Tuesday/Thursday 8:00-12:00 EST
WowProgress: http://www.wowprogress/guild/laughing-skull/TROKZs+RAIDERS
Voice Com: Discord
About us:
We are comprised of several long term raiders who have raided multiple expansions at a high level. Most of us have played together for many years. We raid to have fun with our friends but also to push progression, we all have jobs and real life commitments. We are Semi-Hardcore/Casual raiding guild whose goal is to enjoy the content but continue to push progression in that time frame.
Who we are looking for:
·         People who get excited about raiding.
·         People we can rely on (attendance,effort,communication,dedication).
·         People who are looking for a fun raiding environment – our raids are fairly chatty and set in a fun environment.
Tank: Warrior, Paladin, Druid
DPS: Shadow Priest, Ret Pally
Heal: Priest
This list is by no means the only slots we are looking to fill. All are encouraged to apply as all players will be considered!
Requirements from you:
·         Be able to make our times with ~90% attendance (we understand certain real life situations occasionally do come up).
·         Know your class to the best of your ability.
·         Execute mechanics in a logical sense. You do no DPS/HPS while you're dead. Standing in fire does not give you buffs.
If interested please contact one of the players listed below.
Contact Info:
Auraphex – (Officer) - Auraphex #1549
Thestral (Officer) - Thestral#1908


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