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Moonkin feedback

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Hi guys,

Just a quick post asking some more veteran boomkins on how I can improve myself.

Last log from Ursoc kill : https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/mCptw6Y3LdKjhayD#type=summary&source=89

My opener goes like :

2.5-3 sec > Prepot + Solar Wrath

Followed by New Moon

Followed by dotting

Incarnation cast into both Moon spells and proceed to cast accodingly.


Anything you see that I can improve ?

Sometime I have trouble keeping up with our other boomie in the guild, Lunarshift.

Now that I have the legendary ring it's a bit easier but I feel like he is still doing better than me in most cases.

Here are his logs for the same fight - https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/mCptw6Y3LdKjhayD#type=damage-done&source=5

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First time poster here but long time Moonkin. Looks like he Potted a second time which would lead to an overall DPS increase. Also looks like he may have jut gotten luckier on some Goldrinn's Fang procs because he had another 8 hits with it. Nothing you can do about RNG. You appear to be higher in total damgae for everything else. Your amount of Lunar/Solar empowerment buffs seems rather low compared to Lunarshift's as well even though you have more starsurge casts which leads me to believe you may be overcapping on them pretty regularly. Try to always avoid overcapping on them at all times (I know its not always possible.)

I recommend using the 'compare' feature on Warcraft logs when you are trying to figure out what you and someone else may be doing differently. It can be a huge help.

Hope What I have said helps!

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