How to Unlock Talon's Vengeance

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Talon's Vengeance is a new PvP reputation you can unlock after earning your Falcosaur mount.

The faction is a throwback to Bloody Coins and the Timeless Isle.

Falcosaur Pets & Mounts

  • You can adopt a new rare species of pets. To pick up a pet, a World Quest must be up. Look at the world map for it.
  • You can only complete one Falcosaur quest per day on a single character.
    • To avoid this, finish one quest on your first character, log your alt, resummon the pet and it will offer you a second quest. Complete it and relog on your first character for the third quest, rinse and repeat to finish the whole quest line. At the end you will be offered a mount.  Some of the last quests that award the mount are:

Talon's Vengeance PvP Reputation

Once you have the mount, go to Highmountain and show it to  AvianaNew dialog options will show up.


Image was taken by reddit user alopexgames

After talking to her, you will receive Ivory TalonIvory Talon and that unlocks the faction for you.

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There are some limitations, it seems. I have my 110 main (doing world quests), a 110 alt (not started world quests), and a slew of lower alts (102-104).


My Direbeak was easiest to test, as it was the newest. On my main, I took the Ironforge quest, and led it there. I switched to a low alt, and turned in the quest. I swapped to another low alt and... nothing. Then I switched to the 110 alt, and there was a new quest. So I'm guessing it's limited to 110s to pick up the quests, and the number of quests you can do is limited to the number of max-level characters you have.

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Well im stuck on the snowfeather team up quests. I have 3 110s able to do the quests and have completed 2 days worth of world quests on all 3 characters and only gotten credit for a single quest in snowfeather team up, it takes 3 victories. I have a ticket open now, 12 hours or so remaining before they direct me to icy veins or wowhead. I will then resubmit the ticket and approximately 2 days later i may have an answer i can share for others having an issue with the quest.

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It's very obtuse, but apparently the Team Up quests have four criteria:

1. Have the hatchling out as your summoned pet.

2. Have the hatchling in the first battle pet slot for the fight.

3. The hatchling must survive the fight.

4. Of course, gotta win.


I'm pretty unhappy with how obscure the directions are, and it cost me a day on one of them.


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Got a response to my ticket on snowfeather team up. Issue is now spreading and bloodgazer team up no longer works. Copied pertinent portion of the respnse i was given below. I was in game when the response was given and the gm did not even speak to me to gather any information. I have the pertinent pet out to start the battle, the pet survives, quests are simply broken.


In regards to your petition about not receiving credit towards the quest: Snowfeather Team Up. This is something we've been receiving reports of since the patch last tuesday. Our QA and Development teams are looking in to the issue but for the moment we are waiting on a game wide fix to take care of this for everyone. We are unable to assist at an individual level as Game Masters do not have the ability to verify pet battles in our available game logs.


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10 minutes ago, breck said:

Got a response to my ticket on snowfeather team up.

Thanks for sharing! I've just put the relevant information in quotes so that it stands out a bit more.

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On 11/5/2016 at 11:15 AM, meridel said:

got the last  q from the pets... kil a boss in nighthold.. great -.-

Krosus? Yep.

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On 11/5/2016 at 4:15 AM, meridel said:

got the last  q from the pets... kil a boss in nighthold.. great -.-

Two of them require Nighthold. The Snowfeather and Sharptalon, though, only require Emerald Nightmare.

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On 11/27/2016 at 4:35 AM, solitha said:

Two of them require Nighthold. The Snowfeather and Sharptalon, though, only require Emerald Nightmare.

Yeah, it sounds like some didn't read up and started the ones that require NH :p

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