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[Darkspear][A] <Northern Noobs> PvE

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Hello Warcrafters!


Northern Noobs is a socially active guild with a lot of tricks up it's sleeve, founded by 2 British players. We are a very social guild with a lot of PvE activity with the PvP scenarios here and there. We are based in the Darkspear realm aswell as connected to Terokkar and Saurfang.

Main Key's about us.

As we are a social guild all we expect is Activity from our members with social interaction at least every now and then, joining on activities such as Special Events / Dungeons from 1-100 / World Quests / End-game Dungeons (Normal / Heroic / Mythic) / Raids. And being Active!

Our goals!

We currently have one Mythic Dungeon group and also a Raiding Team in the works for next week, we would like to have at least 2 Mythic dungeon groups to help the guild Gear up and a full Raid team of friendly players.

Activity / Achievements So far

Emerald Nightmare Normal 7/7 (One shotted from here on out)
                                 Heroic 1/7 
Mythic Keystone dungeons Guild best +9
Karahzan Mega dungeon in progress with two groups.

Requirements and How to join

Must be able to Speak English.

Must be able to join Curse Chat for Raids and Mythic dungeons whether you have a mic or not just make sure you can listen for Tactics.
And last but not least Must have an Alliance Character on the following realms:
Darkspear / Saurfang / Terrokar.

Raid progress:

Emerald Nightmare: Cleared - No wipes - One shotted after the first week.
 Heroic in progress.

Would like to have a 20-25 man group to start (+11 more players.)

What were looking for our raid group:

Ranged DPS / AOE Melee and Ranged.
Healers for 20-25 man group.

Copy & Paste:

Character Name:
Available play time through one week?:
English language skill? (out of 10):
Interested in joining our PvE / PvP Activities?:
Class and Role?:

Or /Whisper / Mail myself or these In-game

Aidyn#2133 / Zrall / Zaer / Kyrinai

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