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Looking for advice for my Arms Warrior

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Hey guys and gals,

I am sorely unwhelming with my dps in 25 man raids with my guild in ToT.

Here is a link to my WorldofLogs fight:


And here is my link to my amory:


My dps is hovering around 85k, and is just not cutting the butter.

I have an awesome gaming rig, with great connection and fps speed, so hopefully lag can be ruled out.

I try to use the rotation suggested by Icy Veins, but I am doing something wrong.

I also use nUI+, DBM, EventAlert, trying to set up NeewToKnow, but for some reason it's not showing up.

Thanks for any help,


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Hey DMan:

I reviewed your armory and your Mr. Robot profile and both are same and in check. Great job here for being ontop of this. The first thing I check for when people ask for help, in any fashion, is to see how well their character is actually taken care of. Good job on this aspect!

At an item level of 521 equipped your DPS should significantly be greater than 85K. While I do not run 25M (outside of LFR) I can only relate to my 10M composition. While, in most aspects, things may not be that different there are, regardless, some differences.

That aside, I took some time to review your log and here are some points that I noticed:

  • Get your 4 set when you can. 2 set is alright but 4 set is amazing.
  • Use Slam slightly more. You and I both killed different bosses lately. In your two kills (which one you seemed to have died in) you used Slam a total of 13 times. In my 5 kills I used Slam 83 times. When you average this out you average 6.5 Slams per kill while I managed 16.6 Slams per kill. Now obviously some may be more, some may be less. All this relays is a straight average. Slam is a really nice ability. It hits hard and only costs 30 rage. When you're under Recklessness and Skull Banner you will want to emphasize Slam instead of Overpower to take advantage of the bonus Crit. Overpower already comes with a 60% chance to crit so don't waste your limited time with a Crit buff on Overpower; use it with the heavy hitter.
  • Get a better weapon. Even though you're doing well in equipped item level your weapon is your pride and joy. You want it to hit as hard as possible and being limtied to a Raid Finder weapon will hold you back to some extent.
  • Remember that mechanics can play an important factor to your damage output. Moving a lot or waiting for something (such as the mutation on Primordius) can hinder your activity time and damage output. You'll only be able to, in some instances, put damage out significantly in short periods of time compared to the overall length of the fight.
  • Being dead doesn't help. Dead Warrior = No DPS.

If you're interested you can check out my latest log and review it here: Carlottà: World of Logs: ToT 10M. Feel free to critique my output as well; don't take it as a perfect run or whatever. I'm sure there were timing mistakes and such and I am in no way offended if someone points my setbacks out to me.

You can also check my armory via the link in my signature if you are curious to that aspect as well.


As far as "Need To Know" goes, I have a video up explaining the addon and that is on my YouTube channel. You can find that link in my signature as well. The addon is great but it has to be setup precisely in a couple of aspects:

  • Make sure the bar is setup to look at the appropriate unit: target, focus, yourself, etc. Sometimes I have even missed setting this up properly and sat wondering "Why did this not show up".
  • Make sure the spell is spelled exactly as you see it in game. "Colossus Smash", "Enrage", etc. For a Shadow Priest things like colons in "Shadow Word: Pain" matter.
  • Make sure it is the appropriate type of bar: buff vs debuff. Colossus Smash is a debuff. Enrage is a buff.

These small details can make a bar not work properly. Just review them to ensure that they are set up correctly. If they are and you are still having issues let me know and I'll see what I can do for you. Also check out my Addon Review for Need To Know; I explain it there as well and you get a graphical reference to what I'm doing.


In reference to your rotation I'll reiterate, probably, what Icy Veins already says. Incase it doesn't here's match here is my priority:

  • Colossus Smash
  • Mortal Strike
  • Execute (Execute Phase only, obviously; 20% & Below)
  • Dragon Roar
  • Slam / Overpower
  • Heroic Strike

Between Slam, Overpower, and Heroic Strike... Slam is your heaviest hitting ability. As I said above you'll want to prioritize this ability when you're under the effects of Recklessness and Skull Banner. I typically try to maintain a 1:2 ratio of Slam:Overpower within one CD window of Mortal Strike. What I mean is that when I use Mortal Strike I try to use Slam once and Overpower twice. Remember that Overpower reduces the CD of Mortal Strike.

When you're in the high rage pool you'll want to use Slam + Heroic Strike to dump it. Remember that Heroic Strike is off the GCD which is about the only thing that makes it useful, honestly.

From here it's just maintaining your rotation and priorities. Sometimes you may "wander off" so to speak and begin spamming things like stacks of Overpower or Heroic Strike, etc... just remember your priorities and stick to them. If you do "wander" then get back on track immediately and keep at it.


I hope this helps. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to ask and I'll be glad to help.

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Ideally you'd want to mainly be using Slam inside CS, and OP outside of CS to fish for SD procs that said, you never want to just use MS& Slam to fill a CS, it only allows room for 3 abilites inside a CS, rather you want to try a CS with an MS, an OP and a Sam (order doesn't matter) and then finish the CS with a CS (if Sudden Doom procced) or a Slam (if it didn't); Something like this:

0.0 CS

1.5 MS

3.0 OP

4.0 Slam

5.5 Slam (or CS)

This 'cycle' also has the curious effect of making sure you never have a CS/MS conflice whislt CS is up; No more letting CS fall off becuase you have to use MS on CD.

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