[Chromaggus][H]<>A Mass Unknown<> (7/7 H) LF Ranged dps and Heals For Mythic Progression

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We're a 2 night a week guild on Connected-Chromaggus (Anub'arak, Crushridge, Garithos, Nathrezim, and Smolderthorn). We raid T/W 8-11pm EST. We will also run the occasion Sunday for a gear/alt run. We are a semi-hardcore guild that is currently pushing towards mythic completion. That is our main focus in-game and we expect recruits to be tailored towards that same regard.

We are looking for 1-3 trials to round out our mythic roster.

Currently accepting:

DPS: Warlock, Priest, Hunter, Warrior, Shaman

Heals: Monk Priest Paladin

Exceptional applicants are always welcome.

Contact Hercules#1215, Kibb#1723 and dubbin22#1295 in game if interested.

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