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Barrage or Murder of Crows?

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I noticed now that the MM Hunter #5 opening sequence rotation on your webpage shows using Barrage being used with Murder of Crows.  However, they are now both on the same Talent row together so you can only choose one or the other.

When will this opening sequence setup be updated?

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It quite literally says next to each ability. "If you have chosen this talent". If you don't have it selected, then just skip it.


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Ok, thanks for your response...but it appears I actually was looking at this setup:  

And as you can see #3. shows them together with no disclaimer.  I thought it was off and that is what prompted my posting.  I am new at this MM setup so I obviously missed that particular point you mentioned...

So I assume the // between the talents indicates its either or.  


2. Simplified Single-Target Rotation

This rotation priority list assumes that you are using the talents that we recommend for raiding. It is a much easier, but ultimately quite a bit worse, way to think about executing the rotation. It is, however, a good starting point.

  1. Cast Marked Shot Icon Marked Shot when it is available.
  2. Cast Icon Windburst on cooldown.
  3. Cast Barrage Icon Barrage // A Murder of Crows Icon A Murder of Crows on cooldown.
  4. Cast Aimed Shot Icon Aimed Shot when you have enough focus, and Vulnerable Icon Vulnerable is active.
  5. Cast Sidewinders Icon Sidewinders when you get a Marking Targets Icon Marking Targets proc, or when it reaches 2 charges.



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