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Very low crit on logs - am I doing it wrong?

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I started to analyze my logs from yesterday's Mythic Ursoc.

I saw myself struggling a lot to compete with the other guys on the meters, and found myself in several akward positions yesterday.
In my frustration of having a very low crit percentage on my attacks and generally missing on my melee attacks - I messed up in my rotation and went a lot down DPS wise. This resulted in wasting some fury - so do not mind that part.

This is my logs from yesterday:

As you may notice - for example "Chaos Strike" has a crit percentage of 31,4% - "Annihilation" at 35,7%. (This is on our kill)

My current crit percentage is ~45%.

My Melee miss percentage is as high as 25,27%.

Soo, my question is.. Am I doing something wrong, or was this just an unfortunately unlucky sequence for me? As Demon Hunter - the crit is very essential and I would like to reduce those huge swings in my DPS.

Does anyone recognize anything else notable, that I am doing wrong?

Thanks, in advance.

- Rekpump

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I don't know if this is relevent but hitting the boss from front makes us, melee, miss a lot, so maybe you have to switch group, and hit his ass instead :p

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