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Few specific things about Arms

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Ok, I switched to Arms but my DPS is still shit. I don't know how big a difference it makes, but I only have 1 relic so far and the artifact power only goes to Exploit The Weakness so far. Also, my gear is only iLvl 780.

Anyway, I think one of my key problems is the way I use FR. I think at the moment I'm prioritizing Slam too much over it.

So I re-read the part about FR from the guide and I think I get it now: outside BC, you use FR and once you reach 3 stacks and neither MS or CS are ready, you use Slam. If CS is ready (either because it cooled down or because you get a Tactician proc), you use it and if MS is ready, you use it.

If MS becomes available before you reach 3 stacks of FR, you use it nonetheless.

So basically,
- Use Slam only when neither CS or MS are available and you have 3 stacks of FR
- Refresh CS if you get a Tactician proc even if the CS effect is still not expired on your target




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The only other thing in terms of single target to not forget is to use artifact ability to either extend colossal smash or when there is no colossal smash on the target.


Stack mastery gear to start.  I am not certain when mastery diminishing returns gets high enough to invest in other stats but I have seen a few top warriors get mastery to 55% then haste to 20% then the rest in crit.

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I've finally reached iLvl 825 to do LFR and decided to record the logs on WarcraftLogs. I understood that my DPS should be somewhere near 250k Single Target, yet I seem to struggle to go any higher than 150-160, sometimes lower if there's a lot of switching targets or really crappy RNG.

If someone would be kind enough to take a look at it and tell me what I'm doing wrong, I'd be grateful. Please bear with me if you see blatant really noobish mistakes... I'm all ears to learn.


I recorded only two fights of Emerald Dream: that red blubber thing with the big eye Il'Gynoth I think it's name is and that big ass spider Elerethe Renferal. I know LFR is not ideal to test your DPS, but I dont think I'm prepared to raid with my guildies yet.

This is me by the way:


I have just inserted a better Iron Relic after the raid now though. One that I got from the raid itself so the log is from before that, not that I think it matters much.
Also, no enchants because I actually don't know if it's worth enchanting gear that probably won't last long.


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