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Mage Trinket

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Its a tough call. I'd lean in favour of the horrorslime simply because of how juicy crit is. 

What I'd do to decide is take like 15-20 mins out of your day, set a timer on your stopwatch (for example 7 or 8 minutes), and hammer the class hall dummy first with one trinket, then the other. Highest dps is your winner ;) 


The reason for long time is to eliminate lucky / unlucky crit streak variation. And the reason you do a fixed time, rather than say "after 3 combustions what is my dps then", is because horrorslime will give you more combustions with kindling, whereas horn will give you stronger combustion with the active. (Mind you - you will always want to save all active trinkets to overlap with combust :) ) 


I am interested to know how it turns out, so post results please :) 

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Someone posted this in another thread, which you could have easily seen but here it is again.




Unstable Horror Slime is pretty crap for Fire.

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