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Way of Mok Nathal Buff

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Hi Guys, 


The Guide here recommends WoMN instead of Axes. I really tested it and I think it very hard to keep up the buffs and managing the Mungophases with the Buff up.

My Buff is always running out when there is some movement, target switch...

Srsly I think WoMN looks awesome on paper but in Dungeons and Raids Axes are better, because I grants a little bit of range. Let's think of Nythendra or. Ememem...uglyspiderboss...


What do you think?


Greetings Grom.

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it really depends on how much damage the Raptor Strike itself can contribute. 

if you get a lot of DPS simply by spamming Raptor Strike as a highest priority to stack the WoMN, it's wouldn't be a big deal to delay the rest of the rotation for it. 

I tend to agree that target switching and movement is extremely hard to do without dropping WoMN. 

SV as a spec already has a lot of stuff that accumulates when you don't have constant uptime on the target. You have three DoTs to keep up on the target, stacks of WoMN and you're also supposed to somehow incorporate Mongoose Bites and Fury of the Eagle in this mix. 

It seems to me SV is nearly impossible to play to its full potential in a raid setting, the only question is - does that even matter? 

If you can still deal a ton of DPS even without playing optimally, and while sitting on cooldowns and Mongoose stacks, then it's not really a problem. 

Any SV main, I would encourage to simply try their best to do what they can do, and not worry about what they can't do, and see if they can still push out competitive DPS.

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I try WoMN today in our EM HC and Mythic Run.

When it is complete cancer I switch to axes=). We will see whats best or whats the best way for me.


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Considering its Low Duration ( I mean Way of the Mok'nathal ) and Mongoose Fury's low duration as well it is to hard to keep the buff up most the time. There is times you reach 5 stacks of MF but the time on WotM and MF are both running out and u don't know which to cast. If they extend WotM or MF time to around 15-20 secs I think it will become a raid choice Talent but till that due to my exp it's a DPS Drop.(sorry of bad English as well)


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I did lots of testing and sim's then tried it in Mythic EN last night. Complete s#it. You have an 8 sec window to get off a few of your abilities and then you have to keep weaving in a raptor strike ever 7 sec. Its hard to keep up and keeps your focus off the encounter/mechanics. It ended up being a dps loss for me because I was screwing up my rotation trying to play around that 8 second window.

I would rather take a 2k dps loss (thats what it sims out to for me) and keep up with mechanics. If it was a 12 sec window or so it might be a bit easier to deal with.

Oddly enough, AMoC sims higher than SH for me on the 2nd talent tier.

Also, leaving raptor strike out sims around 200dps (60k damage over a 5 minute fight) loss but makes the rotation easier as well.

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