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Hello Emerald Dream! 


As of recent, we're sure you'be seen a trend of guilds/characters transferring in... Bolstering your ranks with the recent expansion. As weeks progress there is no doubt that this will continue, due to the severely unbalanced population across the factions on most servers. 

We are one of those guilds...


The Horde numbers made it difficult to recruit. Made it difficult to raid... If you were not already established, there was no room to grow...

That aside we are happy to have made you our new home! Less than a week into the transfer, the community is already reminiscent of what brought a lot of us to the game originally. 


A little bit about us? 


We are a small team, recently moving from Bleeding Hollow. We love to PVP. Run Mythics (nearly nightly), Raid on the weekends, and simply enjoy people that want to hangout and enjoy a few laughs! 




Disclaimer...: (WE SUCK!?), or at least the Elitists think so... 

Look, it's this simple, we WIPE! It Happens... The difference is we are patient enough to understand that there is a learning curve! 

Casual group of guys looking for the same! 


We aren't the type to kick you from the guild because you don't understand something. That's just piss poor leadership! Love to help! The only thing is, you need to meet us halfway! "Help us help you!" Be it gear, rotations, mechanics, or the daily grind. It's what we do! 

Raid times are normally Friday and Saturday of every week. Invites go out at 7PM server time and raids start at 8PM server time. 

Currently trying to build our numbers enough to have to successful Mythic teams that can come together to form a successful 10 Man group, if we get more that's great! If not, hey we still have fun! 

If you are of the "THAT'S EASY" crowd, please pass us by! It's not fair for your progression, or ours. 

Come in, Hang out, feel us out! if you're not at home, feel free to leave. We don't mind :D. 



1) Don't be an asst-hat! 

2)Real life matters!


Times available at Time Zone: 


1: Currently server time on Emerald Dream! We are East Coast and work the normal day shift. Generally the Guild Leader is online anywhere between 5PM-12AM Mon-Fri, weekends are normally avail all day based upon errands and what not. In time we hope to span this range to fit everyone's availability. 


2: Faction: Alliance. 

3:Contact info: Whisper anyone online in game /who Whispers, all toons of the rank of "member" and higher have recruiting capability. 

Check out the site! The information is newly presented. We ran into recruiting issues on our previous server. Hoping to expand with the recent move! 




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