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Havoc DPS help

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Hello all,


Ive only been playing Legion for the last 2 weeks and decided to main a Havoc DH. In normal EN I am pulling between 180k-200k dps. Ive been following the rotation and CD usage based on the class guide you have here. Ive been using the Prepared talent (Tier 2) and was told that I should be using Demon Blades instead. I switched to Demon Blades and my DPS has dropped considerably. I feel like I dont generate the fury that I was with Prepared. I dont have any logs to share as Ive never used logs or known about them. Below is my armory link. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am still trying to figure some things out, but figured I would come here and see if some experts would be able to give me some assistance. Thanks all.



Cassiela-110 Demon Hunter

Celticcombat-100 Rogue

Celtictank- 101 Paladin

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Demon blades takes some getting used to, you have to force yourself to play it for a while before it starts to feel more normal. I simmed my character using both and there was only a 3k dps difference and looking into it the biggest difference happened during meta, it allows you to gain a lot more fury during meta allowing you to get more chaos strikes in. It feels really strange in comparison though because you will go from 1% waiting to 25% waiting. At a normal/heroic raiding level the difference in the two is so minor that I would just play what you are comfortable with.


As far as your armory goes, I would try to drop some mastery and replace it with versatility. It can be a hard stat to find but Crit/Vers is the best stat combo and can be an upgrade in dps even if you have to go down a little in i level.

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